I have been asked just to clarify this Club policy and the reason behind it.

The BRC HQ charge a Pre-Entry fee for every entry in a Qualifier. The amount differs depending on the competition but is usually £10-£15. This Pre-Entry fee helps BRC fund the Championship Competitions.

The actual Entry fee helps pay for the running of the local Qualifiers.

As a club we pay ONE pre-entry at EACH Qualifier for all of our members who have attended at least 3 of our organised activities in the preceding 6months including unmounted events such as BINGO and the Quiz. If any member wishes to make multiple entries then they are responsible for paying the additional Pre-Entry fees. We also pay all Championship entries for those members who are lucky enough to Qualify and who then do Compete at a Championship . (Any travel and stabling costs for the Champs are the responsibility of members attending)

There are 7 National Championships in total. Winter and Summer Pure Dressage, D2M, Combined Training, Eventer Ghallenge, Arena Eventing, Horse Trials, Winter and Summer SJ including Style. Jumping starts at 70cms – 110cms and Dressage at Prelim to Elementary. Classes for Individuals and Teams.

It is the funds raised through our activities which enable these payments to be made.

Any member who is unable to attend 3 events is still very welcome to enter the Qualifiers but the club will not be able to make any contribution for them.


Lastly to confirm that all members entering a Qualifier will be expected to give at least 2 hours to help run the event. Lots of jobs from Arena Party to Lorry Park or Gate opening and all others in between. If you are able to help on the previous day building the course of any Qualifier run by PDRC then we will be happy to refund one Pre Entry payment you have made.. (Max of 6 course builders required so contact Bob if you can help)